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Body Mind Spirit Coaching

Bringing Balance of Body & Mind helping you rewrite your future through ending your past story and living the life you want. In office or virtual coaching meeting you where you work and play.

Acupuncture - Natural Pain Injections - Dry Needling

Feel the difference! Effective Acupuncture - Acupuncture Injections With Sarapin for Pain - Painless Advanced Dry Needling. A premier setting for Chinese Medicine and Weight Loss

Natural Functional Medicine

Everyone has different needs, from the foods we eat to aging well. Natural Functional Medicine brings you superior Hormone Balancing - Anti-Aging - Fertility - Pain Management

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At Accent On Health, Debra believes each person is unique.

acupuncture DenverThat is why she focuses on what works for you rather than using a cookie-cutter approach to your health and wellness.

Does your life feel out of focus or imbalanced? Is your health falling apart along with areas of your life? I believe each person is unique. It’s important to focus on what works for you rather than using a cookie-cutter approach to your health and wellness. Our life also affects our health, in turn, life can create a sickness. Accent On Health Wellness Center offers Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine, including an Ayurvedic style of painless acupuncture. Both are available à la carte or in combination with each other or other services. Naturopathy and Acupuncture are usually covered as acupuncture by most Health Insurance. We also provide Advanced Dry Needling.

I work with clients in the office or remotely with weight loss, increasing energy, sleep better, and live longer without diseases or drugs. Let’s face it feeling tired, full of stress, or being over-weight can literally steal your life and drain your wallet. Many clients desire to combine care enjoying the benefits of learning about nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle. “Integrative Health Coaching” can be combined with both Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine [Acupuncture].

My style is client-centered care. You are more than your health, you are breathing, thinking life. Many times life gets messed up and in our way of health and creates stress, mental confusion, lack of focus.

Spiritual Awareness Coaching is also available. It works with your Beliefs and Values. It's unwrapping the patterns that hold you back from your goals professionally and personally. These same problems create health related issues such as stress, insomnia, imbalance of hormones, even pain. Body Mind Medicine is more than take a pill or go on a diet – both of these are NOT Body Mind Medicine; it is the bringing together the whole person including your beliefs and values. We call these things our Spiritual Self.

I realize you won’t do something you don’t believe in; finding what meets your ideas and values for you is the key to unlocking your health and wellness. This is all part of my style of medicine; working with the patient/client to achieve your life and health goals.


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