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Bio indiviuality

Using Health Coaching To Move To Wellness

Bio-Individuality is a new buzzword you’ll hear more often as western medicine tries to evolve beyond the disease or illness model. Traditional medicines always focused on your Bio-Individuality.

With integrative health coaching, I look at what works best for you, not a disease. Many health insurance companies are starting to offer ‘health coaching’ to their members because they know it works.

Sadly, they still see you as a disease when they talk to you about your health. Often the coaching is centered on your medical history, not you as a person. They see you as compartments in ‘a’ body; the digestion, the cardiovascular, or uterus. They don’t see you as a whole person where you’re body systems, mind, and emotions all work together.

Health Care Without Bio-Individuality

health coaching

“Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.” ~Judy Garland

Let’s say you have high-blood-pressure or hypertension. Your doctor or the insurance company places you on The D.A.S.H. diet.  It creates or adds to your indigestion. They give you a new prescription and along with it come side effects and interactions. Also, they tell you to stick to the diet, forget about your allergies or prescribe another drug.

Sound familiar?

This isn’t health coaching, it’s health managing and does little to help you balance your life or focus on you and your real problems.

Problems such as the high-stress in your career, or the news that your mother has cancer, the fact you haven’t exercised in four years, or that your sister says you’ll always be fat.

Could all or any of these cause digestive problems and create hypertension?

This is Bio-Individuality!

Bio Diversity
Bio-Individuality focuses on the whole person including the life issues that interfere with healing. We don’t force you to eat a certain way. We work with what works for you without adding medications to your regime. Diversity in food is about recipes, and ideas for tasty meals that I as a health coach can help you discover.

Bio-Individuality targets what’s right for you in your career, your ability for physical exercise, relationships, and mindset. You are not a no cookie-cutter disease or surgery. I work with your medical doctors and you to bring the best joy, happiness, and health possible.

“If a man [or woman] is not faithful to his own individuality, he cannot be loyal to anything.” ~Claude McKay

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