Migraine pain

Migraine pain can stop you in your tracks. If you have had a headache you know how much it can drain you, steal away the moment and right out make your day suck. Having a migraine is like having twenty headaches all at once.

Migraine Pain Can Control Your Life

The pain is so intense you feel like someone is using a drill inside your head. It does not stop there for many. Your stomach feels like you have eaten bad or spoiled food.

Seeing straight is impossible. Your vision is blurred and bright halos sear into your eyes – it’s a migraine.   Acupuncture aside, which is the single most powerful natural medicine for pain management and relief there are things you can do to help alleviate or stop a migraine right at home.

10 Migraine Triggers To Avoid

Headache PainThis is our “Dirty 10” Migraine Triggers to avoid from Denver Acupuncture Health.

  1. Avoid Emotional Stress – is one of the most common migraine triggers. Using  mindfulness applications for smart phones and computers are abundant. Sit for 5 minutes, breathing or listening to soothing music, and good things happen. Experts say it can eliminate pain, reduce weight, and increase your longevity by 21%.
  2. Fatigue – Lack of sleep increases migraines by 30%.[1]
  3. Allergy problems –All types of headaches. [2]
  4. Sinusitis – Like allergies head congestion adds to the problem.
  5. Eyestrain –Ophthalmologists report Computer Vision Syndrome causes causes this in  48.83% of patients with 45.68% experiencing some form of headache.  [3]
  6. Poor Posture – 1 in 4 migraines I treat are from hunching over, sitting bent instead of straight and other position issues.
  7. TMJ – A study reported by Pubmed states that “53% of those with TMJMD-type pain had severe headache/migraines.” A Dental directory notes that few TMJ dentists consider a relationship when working with patients. This is alarming to say the least.
  8. Low Blood Sugar – Be sure to eat regularly! Migraine triggers like dieting or skipping meals start with light-headedness.
  9. Hormonal Imbalance – The American Heart Association [4] of all places, has a great article on the relationship between migraines, hormones, and stroke. In summary if you’re hormones are off and you suffer migraines this can lead to serious problems later. Hormonal migraines along with weight loss are two top client complaints.
  10. Constipation And Nutritional Deficiencies –If I combine all nine other triggers, they each have roots in poor eating habits and bowel problems. Sounds stupid, I get it. My migraines did not stop until I did – get it.

Migraine TriggersEmotional stress leads to eating on the run, overeating, or skipping meals. All of these often create unfortunate food choices. Lack of sleep leads to fatigue so does worry. I did both, do you? I did not want to face the facts that some food just does not like me and my gut did not care for those foods either!

I sit for long hours at the computer, taking breaks became essential so did sitting up and not sliding down in my chair. Remembering to eat or rather graze on healthy snacks it takes a few moments to plan in the morning; it is better than going for something like cookies, chips or other junk food. Dental work produced TMJ for me; jaw exercises along with a mouth guard worked. What was the cause of my migraines? Hormonal imbalance.

All these other problems with the exception of jaw pain can affect your hormonal levels. Hours staring at a computer that turns brain chemistry off and off at the wrong times leads to wacky estrogen and testosterone. Food, nutritional deficiencies like salt, yes salt can all stop you in your tracks with migraine pain. This is why virtual health coaching works I look at life and health as one complete you.

Migraine headaches are no laughing matter. They takeaway your life, I know as a past suffer. They are on the rise, affecting many Americans. Approximately 50% of patients at Denver Acupuncture Health seek relief. About 30% of our virtual health coaching clients report some form of head discomfort. If you suffer migraine pain, you are not alone.

Here are stats.

  • Nearly 1 in 4 U.S. households includes someone with migraine.
  • Amazingly, over 10% of the population – including children – suffers from migraine. That is more than diabetes and asthma combined!
  • About 18% of American women and 6% of men suffer from migraine.
  • Migraine is most common during the peak productive years, between the ages of 25 and 55.
  • Migraine tends to run in families. If one parent suffers from migraine, there is a 40% chance a child will suffer. If both parents suffer, the chance rises to 90%.
Virtual Health Coaching

Where To Start – Two Ways Virtual Health Coaching Can Help

Changing your diet and using the right natural supplements for you can end your pain. We can assist you with these, talk to us about our virtual health coaching.

The first step is to look at the triggers that may be part of the problem. Think of ways to reduce these and begin today. Next up we’ll talk about foods and nutritional supplements to stop or help with migraines. Spend time with a virtual coach for your migraines, and you will wonder why you waited so long!

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The large extent of research makes it impossible to cite all studies here are a few others.

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Photos are purchased – copy-written: PresenterMedia


It is a busy day for you four meetings and one of your children is home ill. The pain starts without much notice. A tingle then tension in your jaw; it is a tiny thing compared to the searing pain that travels up your skull from your cheek. Then you notice it. You’ve clenched your teeth tight. You have TMJ or temporomandibular joint pain[1].

The voice inside your head whispers, not today.

TMJ Pain Leads To Migraines And Neck Pain

TMJ can cause migraines, headaches, neck pain, and facial pain. Stress is the primary cause of temporomandibular joint disease or TMD although many clients complain it started dental work[2].

temporomandibular joint disease

Many clients try mouth guards wearing these at night. They do little for the daytime stress that leads to TMJ accompanied by head or neck pain. Often they do not fit well or cause more problems. Acupuncture can effectively decrease pain, ease tight muscles along with massage.

Adding some simple life changes will help you end TMJ permanently. Acupuncture can treat the symptoms although getting to the root will ensure long-term success.

These three tips can help you stop your TMJ pain.

Temporomandibular Joint Relief With Breath Meditation

We’ve all heard meditation can help calm your nerves; it is real. It is a practice of taking a moment to let go of the drama in your life. Meditation is helpful for anxiety and sleep too. Breathing meditation is one of the best and simplest ways to start reducing TMJ pain.

  • You can do this just about anywhere and several times daily. It does not matter if you take 1 minute or 5 minutes.
  • Take a seat that is comfortable for you. Place your tongue behind your upper front teeth stretching your cheek muscles
  • Let go of the air in your lungs. Slowly breathe in keeping your mind on the air coming in your nose while you count to 4. Next hold the breathe gently for a moment before you begin to release your breath threw your mouth pushing your lips out. Then relax your face before taking another breath in, in the same manner.
  • If you only do this 3 or 4 times, you’ll notice your jaw muscles relaxing. Doing this 4-5 times daily in the beginning can have an immense impact on your TMJ.

Relief TMJ with Jaw Exercises

temporomandibular joint diseaseStrengthening your temporomandibular joint is helpful.

  • This first exercise will strengthen the joint with pressure and tension.  Use the palm of your hand pushing up gently under your chin. Carefully try to open our mouth without causing pain. This is a gentle stretch. Do this several times daily at first until your pain subsides.
  • You can also use your fingers to push down on your lower teeth, softly.  Carefully try to close your mouth. Just be sure not to bite down on your fingers! This exercise is the opposite of the first.
  • Stretch the neck muscles.  Stretching the neck muscles helps to relieve pressure.  A smooth move is to act as though you are creating a second chin.  Lean your chin down toward your neck, but don’t bend the head downward.  Doing this for ten seconds elongates the neck, stretching it to loosen the muscle.

Use Acupuncture To Reduce The Pain

Acupuncture is a bonus when you are in pain. For TMJ, it helps ease the pain by reducing inflammation, and tight cheek muscles. If you are experiencing headaches or neck pain acupuncture with massage is essential.

TMJ disorder does not have to be a permanent problem.  Implementing these three steps will help eliminate your pain. When you relieve your jaw pain and headaches you will sleep better and feel a sense of freedom from the underlying problem.

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 Images for this article: Fotolia, Bigstock, Pixabay Free, Google free to use license.

Definitions: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tension_headache


You Can Recover From Back Pain

back pain

A new patient phoned today and asked me if I do acupuncture for back pain. His sciatica had become worse and was disturbing his snow skiing and sitting down. It was crucial to his recovery that we began acupuncture treatment immediately. Sciatica or lower back pain is something most acupuncturists have treated at least once. I’ve found nearly every patient that visits my Littleton acupuncture clinic mentions they’ve experienced lumbar pain of some nature.

Littleton  Acupuncture For Back Pain

Concerned his pain would become chronic or require surgery he was motivated to invest in improving his health. I assured him that he could do many things to prevent the situation from becoming chronic. As for surgery, always try everything you can before you do this. Surgical procedures are permanent.

Acupuncture is one of the most effective treatments for pain, especially in the back. Most cases are soft tissue or muscle tension. Chinese medicine has a long history of working to relax tight muscles even spasms.

The gentleman’s sigh of relief was almost audible over the phone as he scheduled for the next day.

Types of Back Pain

Littleton Acupuncture

His name was Sam, and when he arrived, he walked a bit stooped forward. He explained it hurt more to stand straight up to his full 6 foot height. He’d had the same pain some dozen years ago, and it had gone away by itself.

The problem began four weeks ago and felt different. His pain was dull and radiated down the side of his leg. It started in his waistline as he called it. The area was the sacroiliac joint [SI joint] or the bony spot at the waist on the back of the body. It hurt more when pressure was applied to the gluteal muscles confirming it was sciatica. This pressure on the buttock muscle caused the side of his leg to go numb, tingle, and then began to ache. All signs of nerve impingement, which is what sciatic pain, is.

It had started shoving snow just like last time after a big storm. Sam [not his real name], was an active man who wanted to go skiing with all the great snow, but knew that was out of the question.

His medical doctor had done testing. It showed only a minor bulging of a lumbar disc. The doc had told him to take it easy and gave him a muscle relaxer. The pills made Sam sleepy and worse he could not work when taking them.

He decided to try something that would help him heal and stay on the job. His career complicated the problem. He worked in finance and sat at a desk all day, right on the pinched nerve putting pressure on the SI joint.

Littleton Acupuncture And Healthy Habits

healthy habits

Sam began acupuncture treatment twice a week for a few weeks, then once a week, and then bi-monthly for a few more weeks. He was motivated to not cause the bulging disc to displace further and be able to resume skiing next season.

He knew that some healthy habits would need to change. First he would use an alarm on his work computer to signal that he should get out of his chair and stretch. He did this every 30 minutes at first. The plan was to move to every 60 minutes once his back healed.

Also, he started eating inflammation reducing foods. These are alkaline not acidic which cause inflammation in the tissues. He crowded out tomatoes by adding root vegetables like yams. Sam loved fruit, so we concentrated on balancing acidic fruit with alkaline fruits. If he ate an orange [acidic], he added a banana [alkaline].

He loved apple juice every morning. It is a very alkaline food and creates an acid imbalance in the digestion. This was leading to joint inflammation. Using food to heal is natural and free. Sam loved the simple changes.

Next habit, we enhanced, was drinking more water. Sam was not a big water drinker choosing soda more often. After reviewing studies on sugar in pop, he wanted reduce his sodas by one a week and drinking more water. It took him a month to get off diet soda. By then his pain level was down 75%, and he was sleeping better at night a bonus he did not expect.

Acupuncture for back pain alone could have helped Sam. He wanted to learn healthy habits to be at his best too. He’d had a wake-up call about taking better care of himself.


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The first thing most new clients ask me is what can I do to lose weight and feel better fast. It’s really as simple as look at your water. It’s not just about intake.


How Much Water Should You Drink?

I will be sharing 12 steps with you over the next few months. These tips are to help you have better health and invest in your wellness for the future. When I suggest you ‘invest’ in your wellness, I’m not talking money but habits of a healthier lifestyle.

As a baby boomer myself, I know the time to start thinking about living a higher-quality life should begin when we hit about 35 or younger! I’m here to share that I started much later and so have many of my clients. It’s okay, just start.

I love it when I have a new client wanting to be part of the ripple effect of good health decisions and pass them on to family and friends – regardless of your age. My oldest client as I write this is 88 years old, and my youngest is a family of twenty-something’s with an 18-month-old. They want to ensure their child has a healthy upbringing and my senior clients wish to regain health or maintain it.

I am not going to recommend some expensive treatment system for your home.


What Is The Best Water For Me?

Everyone has heard that you should drink more water at some time in your life. But how much, what kind is best, and doesn’t my coffee or tea have water in it, many people wonder.

Everyone needs two liters or 8 – 8 oz. glasses daily. If you exercise, you need more. If you are nursing or sick, you need more, if you are in a dry climate you likely need more. So how much is more?

I live in a dry area and exercise. I try for 3 liters daily when I exercise and in summer months.

Water varies from tap, to spring , to filtered, and reserve osmosis or RO. My nephew works for a city municipality.  He would be the first to tell you his “out of the faucet product” is excellent; they have the perfect mix of chemicals to keep bacteria from growing. You have to choose if you want the chemicals.Springs

While visiting one of the most famous spring waters in the USA, I notice that spring was recycled to water the local wine vintage. The water also washed the pesticides sprayed on the plants back into the water system. They boasted that they removed the chemicals through ‘a treatment’ of adding iron and other minerals. The tour guide felt this made the water ‘spring’ water once again.

Filtering your H2O is necessary for some cities like Los Angeles and Houston I am told. A noteworthy system is Britta that you replace the filters on every month or so. There are whole house systems too.

My personal favorite is RO or reserves osmosis. This process is over 40 years old. It creates a mineral free drinking beverage. My feeling is you should add minerals you need to your eating. You don’t need a bottled water company deciding what minerals you should have or make the choice that their spring water is healthy for you.

If you use RO water, eat healthily and use only the supplements you personally need you reduce inflammation, sickness, and possible other problems. On the topics of losing weight, water is needed for weight loss. It helps you detox and shed pounds of unwanted fat stores. Remember RO is acidic however so adding an enzyme and some say calcium to your diet is important.

The best choice many feel is distilled water. This is pure without anything added and has a pH balance. It also only comes in plastic gallon jugs. You can purchase 5 gallon container from certain companies that deliver to your home for a luxury price.

Adding Minerals To Water

Painful joints

Let’s quickly talk about iron. When you see drinking water enhanced with minerals or spring with minerals, it often means iron.

Iron is essential for good health. The balance in our body is vital. Too much and you experience inflammation of the joints and digestive tract. If you continue, it can cause a disease called Hemochromatosis[1].

Too little iron promotes Anemia, which is also a disease. Both have inflammation, pain, and low energy as symptoms. Don’t leave your mineral levels up to bottle water.

Some places or types of RO are Aquafina. There are other brands, but you will need to read the labels. Many have in small print that they enhance with minerals, be a wise consumer.

If you live near Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, they offer RO water in bulk! We purchased a clean water system tank at Costco and then fill our 5-gal PBA free containers for pennies having free, clean water to drink and cook.

Do you need a full home system? We don’t have one but if you can afford it, do it. Do change out your showerheads to shower filter systems. You find these at hardware stores, online, or health food stores.

What about the water in our beverages, or foods, doesn’t this count? It doesn’t. Our body considers coffee, tea, and soda drinks to be food. Our digestion has two settings. It’s either food or water and only real water is all our body recognizes, not flavored.


I believe if tap is your only source use it. If you drink tap, know how your city’s water is doing. This report about over-treatment highlights some problems[2].

Also, if you drink tap, consider the pipes. How old are they and the materials. Lead is the leading problem with older homes and pipes.

So can you still have coffee and tea for instance? You bet! I drink tea daily, it’s just not part of my water consumption. If you do drink caffeine or alcohol, it is important to increase your H2O intake. This is because these are astringents[3].

This constricts body tissues and leads to dehydration. This adds to inflammation or heat in the body especially joints.

Here are a few quick facts about bottled water.

The first documented case of selling bottled water was in Boston in the 1760’s. Global consumption of bottled water goes up 10% each year. America drinks more H2O than milk or beer. Some government studies say 47% of bottled water is derived from tap water. These studies don’t mention that bottled H2O labeled for ‘drinking’ is from the tap but is ran through reverse osmosis systems to remove the chemicals found in tap. Aquafina [Pepsi] is one brand doing this.

The bottom line the first step in the 12 steps to better health is adding more water. You decided the best water for you.

Other resources for drinking water.

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Reverse Osmosis Water http://www.allaboutwater.org/reverse-osmosis.html

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How To Stop Back Pain Quick

Back Pain Littleton AcupunctureAn update: In 2010, I wrote an article for my previous Littleton Acupuncture website about back pain. The stretches in the video started me on a path to doing more Yoga on a daily basis. This practice has changed my life for the second time.

Physically I feel healthier than when in my 30’s and 40’s. I sleep great because exercise helps you be able to relax. Yoga something I do not teach but recommend it daily. My health coaching clients know ‘recommend’ is a strong word for me. Everyone is intuitive. I coach people to listen better to this inner voice. If you suffer from back pain, stretches will help you.

Using Yoga and Acupuncture To Heal

You choose if you want to move into doing Yoga. When I learned it from Swami Rama over thirty-five years ago we did not’ do ‘hot’ Yoga, and many of the pop-yoga practices were not around.

Acupuncture is also important. Not just for pain but many other health problems. It also is one of the best ways to stay young and healthy. See an acupuncturist. If not me, then someone else making sure they have a L.Ac. Don’t go to a someone who got a different degree and ‘added’ acupuncture in weekend classes. This is your body and health, take care of it. Stress can also contribute to problems

The video shows basic movement that is all exercise is, moving. Whatever name you put on it, just do it. If you are not in pain, use this video to prevent problems down the road. Here is what I wrote back in September 2010.

Back then, I wrote…Recently I tweaked my back causing severe back pain. Even an acupuncturist can have pain and hurt. I took my advice especially when it came to getting acupuncture and doing some simple yet effective stretches. I made a video for my patients and friends.

Coming Back From Back Pain

Pain is no laughing matter, and it is the most common problem I see in my office. We hope you found this video on back pain exercises helpful! It can take a number of things combined to get you back to enjoying life again.Littleton acupunctureDon’t rush your recovery is the first thing. Be patient and look at your age, weight and eating habits since some foods increase inflammation. Be sure to get acupuncture and chose a stretching program that can help with stiffness and tight muscles between visits. Don’t skimp on the water it is essential for healing. The more committed you are, the higher your return to health.

In this video, you will learn that anxiety can happen when you have stiffness, aching discomfort. Solving back pain sometimes takes more that home care. You may need to work with someone to keep your body at it’s best. You’ll learn how the acupuncture meridians can be worked on at home doing simple Yoga and that your home program will promote acupuncture healing.


Dr. Deb

images copyrighted: Fotolia, and PresenterMedia

Some years ago, a single dad came into my office desperate; he was experiencing back pain.  He lived a life full of stress. Feeling overwhelmed he also complained about sinus problems keeping him from a solid night of sleep.

He worked all day, then came home needing to care for his children. Being in pain wasn’t part of the plan. He’d heard Littleton Acupuncture could help him. He didn’t know a cause for his pain it started as his life got complicated, could it be stress?

back pain at Littleton AcupunctureWhen we get stressed our muscles tighten. If this continues it can begin to cause spasms. All it takes then is sitting too long at the office staring at a computer all day, bending rapidly to pick up a toy, or throwing a quick football  with your child.

Back Pain Relief Helped By Littleton Acupuncture

Then he started having sinus problems. A single dad, with sinus congestion and lumbar pain he needed help.

Acupuncture Helps Sinus Problems

There is a relationship between lower back problems and sinus problems in Chinese Medicine. It wasn’t a surprise to me that Jim’s problems had progressed to sinus problems. It’s a common problem we’ve see if lumbar pain isn’t treated.

I hope you enjoy this video. It’s old and of course done in the office, not professionally.


 Denver Acupuncture Is Experts In Back Pain and Sinus Problems

Sinus PainWhile Jim’s discomfort was in his lower pain many people experience upper back problems too. Types of pain vary too. It can be sharp, aching, or dull for instance. Many people have a radiating sensation down there legs. In addition he suffered from sinus problems. Acupuncture is excellent for allergies and nasal congestion. Relief of sinus problems may include affordable herbs if you live in a dry climate like Colorado

Recently I had a woman with it radiating up her back and into her shoulder blade. A Botox injection for another condition caused the problem. In this case, it led to horrific back problems. She also suffered from sinus problems something she didn’t have prior to the injection at your medical doctor.

Thank you for taking a moment to watch this video, I know the video isn’t the best. It’s the message that’s important.  Please don’t suffer pain especially in your back. In addition, if you have sinus problems think about herbal medicine and acupuncture together; we offer both. Remember surgery is permanent, try everything else first – especially Littleton acupuncture.




images courtesy of DreamsTime


acid reflexI remember suspecting I had indigestion or more actuate silent reflux. For months, I visited several medical doctors all telling me that my runny nose, sore throat, and cough were either allergies or a chronic cold. Today I want to share another video testimonial with you from a patient who used acupuncture to reduce her stress and indigestion.

Silent Reflux

When I had silent reflux[1] it was without pain. This clinical name is Laryngopharyngeal Reflux [LPR] and the classical symptoms include the following.

  • Excessive throat clearing
  • Persistent cough
  • Hoarseness
  • A “lump” in the throat that doesn’t go away with repeated swallowing
  • A sensation of postnasal drip or excess throat mucous
  • Trouble swallowing
  • Trouble breathing
  • Sore throat

GERDMany patients suffer acid reflux or GERD. They often try something over the counter like Prilosec or visit their physician for that little purple pill, Nexium.

These drugs have harmful side-effects, and are not for long-term use. They simply cover up the problem. Most people who prefer not to take medication acupuncture can be effective against these conditions of stomach upset.

Let’s see what this patient has to say about treating her stress and digestion problems with acupuncture.

Acupuncture Testimonial

I hope you enjoyed this video testimonial. Are you wondering if you have GERD or acid reflux? Below are the common symptoms of each.

The most common symptom of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is regular heartburn, a painful, burning feeling in the middle of your chest, behind your breastbone, and in the middle of your abdomen. Not all adults with GERD[2] have heartburn.

You may know someone with GERD, who doesn’t realize they have it. Bad breath is common. Perhaps you suffer occasional nausea, pain in your chest or the upper part of your abdomen. Maybe you have problems swallowing or painful swallowing, respiratory problems and the wearing away of your teeth from the high acidity in the month.

AcupunctureSo now let’s look at acid reflux[3]. It’s so common that many people don’t realize that left untreated it can lead to Barrett’s esophagus, a precursor to cancer. Taking medications only covers up the problem and is not the answer. Try acupuncture; work with me as a health coach. We work together you and me, to find the root problems causing your problems.

Fixing Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is different from GERD because it is the backward flow of stomach acid into the esophagus. It’s a tube that connects the throat and stomach. It’s common to taste regurgitated food or sour liquid at the back of your mouth or feel a burning sensation in your chest (heartburn). GERD is the more progressive state of acid reflux.

Want to know about these digestive problems and if acupuncture will help you? Contact our office to find out how we may help you with your acid reflux.




[1] http://www.niddk.nih.gov/health-information/health-topics/digestive-diseases/ger-and-gerd-in-adults/Pages/symptoms-causes.aspx

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Learn More About Allergy Elimination

cold-1-300x300How Allergy Elimination With Acupuncture Can Help You Get Back To LifeRaging allergies? You are not alone. Thousands of people every day miss work or important events due to sensitivities that seem to control our lives. Maybe it is time to consider allergy elimination treatments seriously. If testing did not reveal much then we would call this a sensitivity. This is where Allergy Elimination rocks.

Sensitivities Do Not Show Up With Testing

Whether you have problems are seasonal or year round, getting a handle on the cause can be difficult. The source of your problem can range from the environment to foods; skin and blood testing may not reveal anything. Today more people are suffering from what we call allergies to foods that contain gluten, corn, or preservatives. Eating natural or clean may not be enough.

A Cascade of Problems

Aster DaisiesSome problems stem from external or environmental issues like trees, mold, or weeds. This is likely because you have an internal issue. Mold is a toxin to anyone but someone with Candida will experience sinus problems, digestive bloating, ear itching, and more. Some trees and weeds are related to wheat or other grains. Sagebrush blooms in the Spring causing people with wheat sensitivities more problems. Symptoms like runny noses and eyes along with gas and bloating are common. In this video, a patient who is also a wonderful cater talks about her experience with this method of treatment. Along with detoxing, correct nutritional and herbal supplementation, you can stop your symptoms when you commit to this acupuncture treatment protocol.

How Acupuncture Treatment Works

Think about your symptoms. Are they indoor, outdoor, a little of both? Do the happen during a certain season or time of the year? Problems happen more when stressed or if you are a woman when you have your period? This is the first step we take documenting the when, how, and why if you know. Next we talk about what symptoms you have. Allergy can be headache, body aches, runny eyes or nose, swelling, even a rash just to name a few of the more known symptoms. How severe also varies from person to person. As we move through your treatment we will follow a step by step program to help detoxify your body, reduce swelling and inflammation, and eliminate other symptoms. Allergy Elimination will not help you eat peanuts again if you are allergic, but problems with cosmetics, foods, plants, molds and more can be eliminated or reduced with Allergy elimination with acupuncture.

Infertility is almost a bad word. It’s definitely a word no one likes to utter when talking about themselves. Acupuncture has become a quite crusader helping women conceive and bring life into the world. It starts with the fear of growing old alone. Sure, your spouse will be there with you if all things go well but you want to have a family with people around you when you get older. This is called the isolation of infertility syndrome and many couples suffer over how to get pregnant. Acupuncture for infertility is gentle, safe, and recommended by most infertility specialists.

Explore with us one woman’s journey and the success she had with acupuncture. Here is what she has to say about hope and not giving up. She is the first speaker in the video and to hear all her story and others from pain to fertility please watch the entire video.



It’s about leaving a legacy for the future. Children are part of that and without them; your life feels like one big hole void of people for the holidays. Besides, you want to hold that small bundle in your arms, cry when they go off to school for the first time, and cheer when they score a goal in soccer like the one you did. Infertility can stop all this from happening and that’s why so many couples are turning to acupuncture to aid in their treatments with their conception specialist.

Acupuncture For Infertility

Acupuncture and herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years before problems getting pregnant became well known. New research is showing higher ovulation and pregnancy rates for women receiving acupuncture combined with the typical infertility drug clomiphene (clomifert, clomid) compared with women receiving clomiphene only.

It’s not just about helping a woman ovulate, another study of 5,807 women, demonstrated that acupuncture improves birth rates for women receiving IVF (in vitro fertilization).

No one knows the cause but problems with conceiving are up 16% since 1992 according to a study done in Canada. Some think it could be the isolation and sense of loss couples feel when they cannot get pregnant. Today more couples are not hiding from the problem and are seeking to increase their odds of growing a family at the first sign of trouble by doing acupuncture for infertility.

Headaches are terrible, but migraines can mean you cannot work, enjoy family, or do regular things. I remember when I had Woman Undergoing Acupuncturemigraines, it meant carrying around prescription injections and missing many memories, as I lay in bed sick.

I’ve been migraine free for ten years this month. I changed many things in my life starting with reducing my migraine triggers.

It is easy to avoid most triggers. Health coaching can give you your life back empowering you and help you develop the best lifestyle possible. Acupuncture helps eliminate headaches, but it is important you know the triggers. This article reveals the top migraine triggers.

Certain foods, things in the environment, even weather changes activate migraines. Emotional upset or stress spark off headaches. So does neck tension from long hours at a desk for instance.

Preventing exposure to these factors could help migraine patients manage their conditions and reduce the frequency of headaches.

The Most Common Migraine Trigger – Stress

The most common trigger is stress. It creeps into our life through work, family, or worry about the past. Most migraine suffers are attuned emotionally to their world. This can lead to anxiety, and sadness both release particular brain chemicals that cause headaches. Learning meditation, mindfulness, and gentle physical activity can prevent migraines. All three help me. I meditate daily, use a mindfulness app on my smart phone to take breaks through my day, and do Yoga.


Your Environment

Perfume, scented candles and body lotion fill the world around you. Public places like church or movie theaters make it difficult to avoid ‘highly-scented’ people thinking everyone wants to smell their favorite fragrance. I once told a lady who sat down next to me that her perfume was too strong. I still had migraines and when she sat everyone within a few rows turned to see where the heavy wafting smell was coming from – it was her. Letting her know took courage and honesty as I said, “I’m a migraine suffer and your perfume is so strong. I am getting nauseated and may vomit.” She got up and moved.

As she and her husband moved away I heard him and their daughter both say, “we’ve told you it’s too much maybe now you’ll listen to us.” Usually you’re not the first person to ‘share this information’ perhaps you’ll be the one that helps them rethink how they use beauty products.

For Women – The Period

I see women weekly suffering from hormonal migraines. They happen at ovulation and during menses. Many patients come in telling me they spend 3-5 days twice monthly in bed with abdomen and head pain.

This was me in my teens. Many a date with that special boy came and went without me. It helped me realize which boys really liked me enough to put up with the inconvenience and which we’re mature enough at the young age of 17 to be around girls with migraines. Over 89% of all migraine agonizers are women.

The Mystery Trigger

health coaching

Every headache experience is a mystery. Was it the pasta you ate or the chocolate? Could it be the automatic air freshener in the restaurant bathroom? Perhaps it was the combination of all of these. Each person is unique you have your own bio-individuality. Causes of your migraines are different from the next person. Seasonal changes produce a new set of migraine triggers making mystery of why in spring gluten bothers you but it does not in winter.

Keeping a diary can help you navigate along with health coaching. I want to touch on chronic pain and autoimmune disease.

These both can make you more susceptible to head pain.

My Favorite – The Food Trigger

Headaches happen when we eat food that doesn’t agree with our body. Some things in food are never okay for anyone and the leading cause of inflammation, stomach problems, and migraines.

This article is not about the pathway of pain, and the large part inflammation plays in headaches. It is my hope you will crowd-out the triggers or chose to explore health coaching to rid you of migraines altogether.

Some foods to consider crowding out are ripened cheeses, chocolate, marinated foods as pickles, foods with nitrates such as bacon. For some reason, many people have problems with sour cream, and nuts.

Interestingly, caffeine can ease migraines or create them including alcohol especially red wine and beer.

Some healers believe sweet or citrus fruits are problems. My suggestion remember you are unique and go with your ‘gut’ literally! If your digestion does not like what you eat, neither will your head.

Tracking Down Your Triggers

Acupuncture will help you lessen the frequency of migraines even the level of pain. Along with lifestyle changes, a life free of head pain is yours. Working with a health mentor to track down your triggers adds to your success.


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