Anais Nin a mid-20th-century author wrote: “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” Anais was telling us to have the courage to envision a greater life, a bigger realm of success for ourselves. She often talked about this and I think she read Emmet Fox; who wrote an entire work, The Mental Equivalent. This single book inspires millions to change their mindset around illness, careers, relationships, even money.Mental Equivalent

When we talk about our success in our life, think about what Mr. Fox said. “You must not under any pretense allow your mind to dwell on any thought that is not positive, constructive, optimistic, kind.” Our very success in all the primary areas of life depends on controlling your mind and thoughts. So how do we do this creatively and magnificently in our lives? How do we add it to our health and wellness?

Believing bigger for yourself is mental equivalence. It is the ability to change how you manifest your reality in life. Most people have past experiences that taught them to think of themselves as ‘less-than’ instead of ‘more than’. It’s easy to tell yourself that you are overweight because your family trait is such.

We know genetics play a smaller role than once thought, and how you eat, and think mean more. The lack of physical activity like walking can make a huge difference for many. Empowering my clients to see themselves for the joy they really are is a big part of health coaching.

You may have heard how money was tight or that you were not good enough at some time in your past. This can play out in our careers, our relationships, and our personal self-image too.Primary Food

Using Mental Equivalent In The Primary Foods Of Daily Living

Primary foods are not what we place in our mouths but the things that make life worth living and enjoying. You cannot buy or sell this special nourishment. These life sources feed our hearts and our souls, giving us the life we want and deserve. One of these nourishments is our relationships with others.

Using Mental Equivalent for Success in Relationships

When you think of love, do you believe in small love that keeps you safe and means you have someone to sleep next to at night? Or do you desire and set your mind on a course with a significant love that fills your heart full and makes you smile? The level of a loving relationship in your life is the size of your Mental Equivalent.

When we think of physical problems, telling yourself that knee pain is to be expected at your age, is not positive, constructive, optimistic, or being kind to yourself.

These 3 steps will help you move more into creating success with a Mental Equivalent in your life.

  1. The First Step Is To Be Patient With YourselfWeight loss

Be ready to pull yourself gently back when you realize a thought is not positive, constructive, optimistic, kind.

“Mary” a health coaching client, sounded angry on her bi-monthly call. I asked her what was wrong; I could almost feel the heat of anger through the phone. “My mother is at it again. Telling me, I will always be fat because she is! Doesn’t she understand how much this hurts.” Her voice trailed off.

My job wasn’t to tell Mary to ignore your mother, or have a snappy comeback. It was to ask her how she felt when this happened. What thought she had before calling her parents home.

She went into a lethargy of how she knew this was what her mother would say. Mary didn’t want to talk to her but felt compelled to do it anyway even though she knew exactly what would happen.

  1. Be Present With A Beneficial And Constructive Image Of What You Want

This prep-story was a mental equivalence, just like Ernest Holmes suggest we do. It manifested just as she asked and planned. Now she was adding to this desire by continuing the destructive memory over and over.

As hard as it can be to pull back. If you find yourself not creating a positive mental image then don’t make a phone call. It may be weeks before you return a call. You may have to send an email and simply tell the person you love them but right now you’re working on a big project and will call them soon. That project is your well-being.

Sometimes we’re ready to make that interaction. It can be with a boss or co-worker. You may have little time to think about this. Using Mental Equivalence or ME, can go something like this.

  1. Be Optimistic About Your Ability to Use Mental Equivalent For Your Higher Good Health Coaching

Write out in your journal all the positive things you want to take place. My boss smiles at me. She tells me she likes something I am wearing or doing. She blesses me with her mentoring on something I want to improve. She brings light into our interaction and I bring light too.

Don’t expect your boss to criticize you or correct you. See it as mentoring from this person.

Now that it is written it’s more powerful. Say it many times daily and as you go to meet with this person. If you don’t have time to do this just keep seeing in your minds’ eye the image a encouraging time and saying thoughts of kindness, positivity, and blessing for the meeting.

Bonus. Be Kind Without Attachment To The Outcome

It takes practice and sometimes you don’t know the entire result. Remember the other person is envisioning what they want and it could be thoughtless on their part for a successful outcome.

If this happens you have placed your energy at a higher frequency and you’ll not be attached to the outcome. The last thing you want to do is leave this encounter and say to yourself, “I knew it wouldn’t go well!” That means you didn’t actually hold a place for a higher outcome and you got exactly the mental equivalence expect, you just didn’t admit it to yourself.

Mary knew she would likely struggle with being Twiggy but a sexy big-size model was something she could accomplish. Using pictures from magazines, she had formed a perfect mental equivalent of success for herself before she phoned home again.

This time when her mom asked how dieting was going Mary had a quick reply, “I see myself looking beautiful each day mom, how’s dad doing?”

Sometimes using a mental equivalent of success also means stopping the flow of other people’s negativity to realize success. Over time, Mary chose to end calls with her parents if the tone turned destructive. Over time, her mother learned not to bring the topic up if she wanted to a relationship with her daughter.

 A Mental Equivalent Of Success

I am Now

You are always successful at creating your reality. Why not practice creating success in your life? For me, this came in the way of building an image in my mind, placing in on paper in my journal around my health coaching practice and acupuncture center. It is a reality because I see this in my mind’s eye daily and give thanks for the blessing of this.

A mental equivalent of success is working in you right now. Do you like what you’re creating? If not, practice. Think of it this way. You want to be better at golf or piano, or cooking. Would you practice or just wish it to be so and continue thinking about how ‘poor’ you play or bad you cook?

Ernest Holmes said, “We should never lose sight of the fact that we are each given the individual right to use the law [cause & effect], and that we cannot escape from using it.”

I chose to use Mental Equivalency in my life to create a loving relationship with my husband and children. To be financially successful as I help millions of people with their health and wellness. I accept Mental Equivalent into my life in a positive way to prosper and live a deeper spiritual path.

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Recently I started eating more mushrooms. I had gotten out of the habit a while back until I saw Julio an acupuncture patient, who had just gotten over cancer. Research suggests eating 10 g or about ¼ cup daily can reduce your risk of cancer by 64%. Even I have to remind myself of these facts especially when I would rather reach for a piece of the pie.

Cancer Prevention And Diet


Frankly, I was surprised he had cancer in the past. Since I had known “Julio” years ago as a patient for acupuncture, I had secretly always thought he would develop diabetes based on what he ate daily. Instead his high-stress job and marriage, lots of travel with alcohol and fast food had changed his life forever. He wanted to look at food as a way to prevent the return of cancer in his life so we talked white button mushrooms.

Adding mushrooms to your diet can help anyone reduce their risk of cancer and I believe it’s important in your diet if you can eat them.

Remember my basic principle is to crowd-out foods that aren’t healthy and add in more of the healthy ones, mushrooms even inexpensive ones is food you can add.

As a health coach, we are talking about life balance and food is only a fraction of the whole picture. Julio hadn’t really been open in the past life-balance health coaching but now, he was highly motivated to get back on track; at 40 yr old, he had a wake-up call from his body.

Health Coaching

I won’t share his entire story; the important take-away is age doesn’t matter. He got cancer at 37 yr old. Usually, colon cancer is seen in older people. Also most people still believe our genes play a significant role in what disease we will get if any.

That is because for decades science kept reporting that genetics determined your medical destiny. In 2003, scientists finally accomplished unlocking the genetic code. To their surprise, it only determines eye, hair color, and that sort of things. Our ‘health gene’ from our parents is more like 10% of the equation. Our health is in our hands for the most part.

Back to why mushrooms – Joel Fuhrman, MD (Super Immunity, Joel Fuhrman MD 2011) who has spent years studying our bodies’ immune system is responsible for the ANDI chart popularity. Joel and other researchers found people who eat mushrooms just don’t get cancer often.

You see cancer can only survive if your immunity is weak. This doesn’t mean you get colds easily, it means you’re food sources and high-stress levels out weight your high-quality micronutrient-rich foods [mushrooms for one] and relaxation time.

cancer and stress

Julio never stopped. He worked constantly and really didn’t take the time for himself. He once mentioned he thought life was supposed to be less happy, after all none of his friends was happy either.

Now that is a scary thought.

Mushrooms Are An Integral Part Of The Human Immune System

Mushrooms contain Antigen-Binding Lectins [ABL]. This substance sticks to abnormal cells in the body. It’s a bit more complicated essentially, it recognizes a molecule on the surface of cancer cells! When it attaches, it calls the body’s defenses to come and take action destroying the cancer. Kind of cool.

Mushrooms also are Angiogenesis Inhibitors – another big word. I love this word though because of what it does in the body. Angiogenesis means making new blood vessels in the fat tissue of the body. If fat can’t get blood it dies instead of grows. This is great for anyone wanting to lose body fat!

It also starves cancer cells of the blood supply. In our body blood brings the food and mushrooms inhibit new blood vessel growth so cancer cells can’t grow. It is plain and simple.

Aromatase Inhibitors is another big word that is relevant to women and cancer. Aromatase is an enzyme that causes women to make too much estrogen, especially if they have excess fat on their bodies’. Again think weight loss and cancer prevention.

cancer prevention

So Which Mushrooms Work Best To Stop Cancer?

I suggest a mix of your favorite mushrooms so you enjoy them. It always makes sense to eat what you like, but it’s also correct certain foods are addictive, period. So when talking

The best to get the highest anti-aromatase activity [most helpful], White Button, White Stuffing, Cremini, Portobello, Reishi, Maitake

Others that have a mild anti-aromatase activity include, Shiitake, Chanterelle, Baby Button.

It doesn’t take much only 10 grams of mushrooms to decrease your risk of cancer by 64%[1]. If you want to reduce your likelihood of cancer by 89% include daily green tea (Zhang M & 124:1404-1408), and green vegetables. The ANDI chart is the best way to find the most beneficial foods for health.


So what happened to Julio? Even with cancer, he was 30 pounds overweight but something has shifted in him. He explained that, in these last few months he’d realize how much he wanted to live. That this curve ball had made him come to terms with a few things regarding his relationship with his wife and mother. That if he didn’t clean up his ‘act’ he’d not see his kids grow up. He wanted to apply for my health-coaching program to lose the weight, and learn how to live a happy, healthy life.

Cancer can be a huge wakeup call for many. Dietary changes are meaningful and effective. Today Julio is self-empowered because of the coaching program and his desire to have a better life. He has the tools and doesn’t see me since the programs are only six months long. How do mushrooms play a role, he eats them daily!

For more on this topic of mushrooms, green tea, cancer:

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Hiroshi Nakajima, Director-General of the World Health Organization, “We are standing on the brink of a global crisis in infectious diseases.”

[1] Li, C., et al., Serum {alpha}-Carotene Concentrations and Risk of Death Among US Adults: The Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey Follow-up Study. Arch Intern Med, 2010

 All images are DreamTimes – either free for limited use or purchased – all rights reserved ANDI-NuVal Google not url or listing. Credit to Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

Sinus Problems: What To Do When Good Sinuses Turn Bad

Everyone at some time experiences sinus problems but when sinuses turn bad it’s all in your head!

Some Interesting Facts

Sinus Problems

Sinus Problems

  • Two sinus cavities are located in the forehead.
  • Two are behind each cheekbone.
  • Two sinus cavities are within the bones between your eyes.
  • Two are behind each eye.

Some researchers  believe we have sinuses to keep our head from being too heavy and we do know they give our voices depth and tone.

Your Nose And Allergies

Most people think all their allergies affect their nose. The truth is over 63% of all allergies affect the digestion. Most allergies are really sensitivities to foods.

When we eat something that our body does not like, distress occurs in our digestion. We may experience bloating, gas, or pain. Other times we notice a stuffy nose or sinus problems.digestion problems

Think back when you ate that pizza loaded with rich, savory cheese melted over the top. Underneath are various kinds of juicy meats like pepperoni or Canadian ham. This is all placed on a thick crust sweetened with corn syrup to make it light and enhance the gluten in the wheat flour.

If your stomach gets upset, we call it acid reflux or indigestion; you say it is from the rich food. If our nose stuffs up not occurring to us that it is allergies to something we ate, but it is.

Many people believe allergies are environmental. Science has proven food sensitivities are at the root of all environmental problems whether a true allergy or sensitivity.

In other words, if you have a sensitivity to sagebrush when it blooms, it is because the germ of its seed is similar to that of wheat. This means you are also sensitive to wheat, even if you do not test allergic to it.

Why Allergies Cause Sinus ProblemsAllergies

Without getting to medical or technical, everything in our body is related through our blood, which flows everywhere carrying the molecules from our food to all tissues. Our sinus tissues are sensitive and a great place for yeast to grow. Yeast or Candida, if it grows is not healthy for our body. This creates sinus problems.

Acupuncture is one of the best treatments for sinus problems. At our Denver Acupuncture Health, we specialize in allergies and sinus infections.

One thing that’s surprising is 10% of the population have an extra sinus! WebMD has a great article on sinus problems.  This article covers narrow sinuses, allergies and more.


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Most people have had back pain making relief a full-time pursuit. One avid golfer had success with Denver Acupuncture Health. Watch the video testimonial. If you are active or love golf you’ll want to view this review.

If you golf or play sports natural medicine may be in the near future.It not only can help with back pain but it is used by people who do yoga, tennis, run, cycle, walk, even weight lifting who want to increase their endurance.

Acupuncture Helps Golf Player Stop Back Pain


While golf is a warm weather activity, being active year round can keep you healthy. Acupuncture in Denver can help you stay well especially when the weather starts heating things up and you all want to get outside. To do things, like golf, plant a garden, or enjoy a hike. Recently a new patient spoke out about how acupuncture relieved his  back pain. He gave us a FIVE-STAR RATING!!!! Hear his Testimonial below captured on video just for you.


What if your back is in pain? Any normal activities may be out of the question. Natural healers have known for centuries that traditional Chinese Medicine can help with most any pain condition.

Acupuncture Testimonial Back Pain Relief


In this acupuncture testimonial, you hear from a patient how quickly they felt better with our painless style of treatment. Back Pain ruining your golf game is a common issue that often times can be relieved with acupuncture. Tight muscles can stop you from enjoying your life and being social. Back pain relief with acupuncture can get you back into the game.

Acupuncture for Back Pain Relief

Make Denver acupuncture health your home for pain relief and more! So if you’ve asked yourself is it possible to get Back Pain Relief with Acupuncture let this patient speak for our results!

If you suffer from back pain, you can be ‘back’ to life in a short time.  Dry needling  through a FULLY licensed Acupuncturist can be part of your activity program along with Stretches to Relieve Back Pain, proper diet, and lifestyle.

We provide acupuncture in Littleton or Denver to clients. We are likely part of your health insurance benefits although we also see non-insured patients too.  As an in-network health provider with major insurance often we can accept your insurance when others can not, even other acupuncturists. Let us help you rediscover feeling better today!

Other resources: acupuncture for back pain relief   images courtesy of Wikipedia through Google free usage images.


Tighter Rules on Antibacterial Soaps

Tighter Rules on Soaps

Finally, the Food and Drug Administration  has taken a stance on that little squirt bottle of brightly colored hand sanitizer in your purse. Their target doesn’t stop there they are looking hard at antibacterial soaps in convenient bottles on every sink, including those in schools, restaurants, and homes. The promise they kill every bug, maybe even the good ones you need to fight off the bad ones you do not want.

For years, epidemiologist’s have had concerns that we are making bacteria’s and viruses stronger simply by over-use of these sanitizers. These neutralizers of illness were not meant to be applied liberally instead of picking up a real bar of soap and washing the dirt off the old fashioned way. This is why we do not use these in our acupuncture office. I don’t use these in my home. There is growing evidence you should not as well.

FDA Says They Don’t Work

According to Colleen Rogers, Ph.D., a leading microbiologist at Food and Drug Administration, there is no evidence that OTC antibacterial soaps work. Consumers use them to reduce the risk of colds and viruses. There is no evidence they work. Ttriclosan and triclocarban the two ingredients in these products, come with many risks especially when used daily, and long-term says Rogers.

These tiny dispenser bottles are available as impulse buys at the check out counters. You can find large refill bottles with color additives of blue, red, and yellow to make them trendy and fun in the soap isle, next to the bars of antibacterial soaps. Just think how many hands touch a public dispenser bottle?  Think about how often you wash the outside of the one you care in your purse, car, or diaper bag.  The best tool we found in my acupuncture practice in natural cleansers not, antibacterial soaps, and water and the FDA agrees.

Hand Washes For Baby Hands

FDAMany parents use these on small children or infants, their immune systems still forming. These chemicals mix with the dirt and grime still present on tiny hands, and the with finger food toddlers eagerly push into their tiny slobbery mouths down into their sensitive digestive tracts. Does this sound healthy to you?

These chemicals are in almost every detergent we use. We can find the word; antibacterial ingredient smeared across the labels of laundry detergent, dish soap, and body products. When is it enough or too much? How are babies and adults supposed to build or keep healthy immune systems?

Tighter Rules On Antibacterial Soaps Is A Good Thing

You are the key player when it comes to your health and life choices. Many parents are saying no to unnatural and yes to soaps made to clean dirt and grime made of natural ingredients.

The big issue is no one knows for sure how safe these products are for long-term use.

Natural is safer

The FDA has called for changes and more data on the effectiveness or if these products are a waste of money. However waiting on the question of safety is not an option. We know these chemicals are unhealthy for adults and children.

The consumer can change what they purchase by looking for natural products that contain bergamot, lemon, or lavender to help fight bacteria naturally. These are the same ingredients found in your grandmother’s soaps or your great grandmother’s. They are safe for you and your family.

The FDA may have this one right; let’s hope they create tighter rules on antibacterial soaps.


Images: Google free usage even commercially, Fotolia, Dreamtime, Bigstock.

Read the source article here:

SOURCES: Luz Fonacier, M.D., head of the allergy section, Winthrop University Hospital, Mineola, N.Y.; Leonardo Trasande, M.D., associate professor with the Departments of Population Health, Environmental Medicine and Pediatrics, NYU Langone Medical Center, New York City; Dec. 16, 2013, press conference with Sandra Kweder, M.D., deputy director, Office of New Drugs, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

“There is that within me that knows the truth” ` Ernest Holmes. inner truth

Some people call it their gut, or a feeling they get. Others know the truth factor as the inner voice that speaks to them once in a blue-moon with a spark of wisdom. Whatever way you hear or experience truth it’s always there guiding us. It is our minds that we must quite long enough to be in present consciousness and guided.

I remember the story of “Anne”. She was looking for a way to feel more connected to her boyfriend of four years, but she always felt something was off as she put it. Many of her friends encouraged her to suspect the worst.

He had seemed to pull away from her the last few weeks and be more reserved than usual. Just when she thought the relationship would move into marriage, she was convinced he had found someone else.

She had talked inside her head about what he was doing to her, how broken-hearted, and lonely she felt.

Finally, she could not stand it any longer. Anne confronted him.

What Is The Truth?

gut feelling in relationships

Anne’s story and the outcome are like many of my clients who pursue Integrative Health Coaching with me. Their thinking affects their wellness and wellbeing. Often it’s a process we learned at an early age when told we were too young to understand, or something didn’t matter. It mattered to us. Our developing brains; curious wanted to learn the truth.

Truth is individual, it is divine wisdom and it is different for each person. Truth is hard to hear. Not because it will hurt or we have something to fear; it is because self-talk inside our heads is speaking loudly drowning-out the gentle whisper of the voice of this inner voice many call, God or intuition.

In Anne’s case she was listening to outside advice and letting her curiosity predict truth. It is much like a dictatorship where truth doesn’t matter.

Many will argue truth is the facts; it is the will of the majority or what the leadership in our lives in telling us. This is not the truth. My work centers on helping people lead their lives the way they desire. Too often, we give up control to someone else in our relationships or career. My theory and that of others in my field is that Primary foods for the body first must be our relationships and careers. If these are out of balance, the inner wisdom of who we are is diminished.

It is a spiritual thing. A God thing whether you believe there is one or not. Call it the intuition if that feels best to you. Poets write this soft whisper is the inner voice that guides us. It is the voice outside advice usually puts down, or our heads tell us not to listen to as thoughts race by a million at a time. It is many fail at their dreams and never realize their potential or happiness.

Listening To Truth

inner voice

When we constantly think in our minds, we block our ability to listen. This also blocks Truth. Practice becoming a truth seeker.

Try to stop the mind from thinking. It thinks twice as much and three times as fast. Don’t try to stop the mind, instead listen for Truth.

Truth feels different. It doesn’t tighten the flow of blood to the heart, for instance, from a health perspective. It doesn’t make the person listening feel fear, anger, or stress. It may come wrapped in excitement, vibrancy, and an inner knowing much like that gut feeling we should listen to more often.

Anne didn’t listen to her gut rather she had experience that most relationships in her life didn’t work. She brought to this romantic adventure fear and doubt. She wanted a warm, loving relationship but used a thermometer of outside gossip to support fears along with a spicy dose self-talk.

Both block that inner feeling or voice that is Truth.

Truth Feels Good


Confronting her boyfriend in a rage, he began to grin as the ‘madwoman’ in front of him and tried to calm her. Once he got her to sit down, he explained.

“I got a job offer in Florida. It’s a promotion and a big raise. But I can’t ask you to move with me. It’s not fair. So I have been looking at rings, searching out possible jobs in your field in the area, and even talked to a realtor about the cost of homes. I wanted it to be perfect when I asked you to marry me, leave your home and job here.”

When Anne told, her story, the guilt was still on her face. She had gut-feelings she had ignored. Her “Jerry” had showed her pictures of Florida homes not the beach. He had told her about the humidity asking if she minded such things. He had even asked her if she preferred white or yellow gold.

Each time he’d done these things and others that little voice had spoken to her. She heard a gentle whisper saying, “this is how love feels.” This is how relationship feels. This is Truth.

Where in your relationships are you not allowing the truth to deepen the connection? In business, we do it with those that would mentor us sometimes.

“Jim’s” upper level manager gave him a book on leadership. Jim knew it was the manager’s favorite author. Instead of thanking him, he turned and rushed back to his office wondering. Why was he singled out? The next day he began to look for a different job.

Had he thanked the manager and asked a question, “What chapter is most meaningful for you I would like to learn from it too.” He might have found out that this boss was thinking of mentoring him. The book, a gift was the first step to establishing a connection.

How To Practice Listening To Truthpractice listening

Jim’s manager had been friendly stopping him in the hall to talk. He even went out of his way to include him in several team meetings asking his opinion on two occasions. Afraid he would answer incorrectly he had given short replies. His mind afterward raced for ways he should have done things.

Instead, Jim could have reached out and asked how he could expand his talents. Luckily, the manager saw the potential in Jim and was ready to take him under his wing.

When Jim called, I asked him how he felt about the hallway conversations. What he felt when they happened. What his gut-said when his boss asked what he thought on the topic at hand and so forth.

Grinning he told me, “I felt great. I felt necessary and wanted.” How did this person’s face look? One word. “Pleased”

The next day, Jim went back and thanked the man, asking what chapter meant the most to him. Today Jim and Anne both rely more on their inner-voice or gut. They allow the ‘voice’ of truth a place in their lives. They use it to attract their highest good in life.

Before they jump to conclusions, they meditate and quite their minds regularly. This allows them to practice listening. Any thoughts that come from inside with a feeling of fear or not-good-enough they pass by and listen for their highest potential in the truth that speaks within. They follow their gut feeling

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home cookingOne of my favorite foods is cinnamon and it goes so great with fruit. This recipes uses baked pears but you can also  make it with apples. The cranberry apple syrup is naturally sweet. The point is home cooking is better than eating out. It can help you with weight loss too. When you make it at home you can not overload a recipe with foods that aren’t good for you. Also you can use higher quality ingredients for your dishes.

If you’re looking to still enjoy dessert but cut down on sugar, this recipe is perfect. It also is simple to make; this helps you do more home cooking. Eating out is costly and many people think it takes too much time to cook at home.

Home Cooking A Key To Successful Weight Loss

In 2008 looking at the scale I realized I need to lose weight. I was tired, had  back pain, and I didn’t like the way I looked in my clothes. Of course, I knew better and decided to take my own advice when I talk about weight loss.

Start eating at home more. This meant I had to practice home cooking. My desire like many Americans, for sugar was out of control. Finding options for sugary desserts was a primary on the list of lifestyle changes I knew I needed to make.

This recipe was one of the first I started making. my husband likes it best with pears, and I love it with apples.

Baked Pears with Cranberry Apple SyrupBaked-Pears

  • 4 Bosc pears
  • 1 cup apple juice
  • 1 cup cranberry juice
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 6-8 cloves

Preheat oven to 400. Cut a thin slice off the bottom of each pear to help keep them standing upright in a baking dish. Pour fruit juice into the pan. Add cinnamon sticks and cloves. Roast the pears, basting every 15 minutes, until tender, brown and puckered. Remove the pears and place on a serving plate. Pour remaining liquid into a small sauce pan, bring to high heat, and reduce by half. Drizzle that liquid on top of the pears.

 Weight Loss And Natural Food

One thing that is important when starting to do more home cooking is to shop for organic food or at the least local. Selecting fruit that is on sale means cost savings. Weight loss is not only arriving at your ideal healthy weight, it’s keeping it off. Baked pears or apples is a healthy dessert option.

Fruit contains a sugar called fructose. When we eat sugars from glucose along with fructose, we cannot digestion either and they become somewhat toxic to our bodies. This can result in inflammation, weight gain, and joint pain.

weight loss

Eating fruit sugar alone is easily digestible and your body needs the nutrients and fiber. Fruit digests quickly. When eaten with meat protein, grains, or carbohydrates it’s hard to absorb the nutrients. It is best to consume foods such as pears, or apples 30 minutes before other foods or one hour after eating a meal.

Choosing to empower yourself through lifestyle such as eating well can add years of healthy living to your life.



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Secrets To Lower Cholesterol


I love to eat, do you? Unfortunately, many foods we eat affect our cholesterol. Many people just go with their medical recommendation to take statins and then experience muscle and joint problems. Worse yet many more note loss of memory.

One study recently published in Pubmed, Statin-Associated Memory Loss: Analysis Of 60 Case Reports And Review Of The Literature. found that after two months, 50% of the people in the study developed memory loss. When the prescription drugs were stopped fourteen (56%) of 25 patients noted a return in memory function.

Many drugs have side-effects, this is just some found with this group of medications. Often people don’t want to take prescriptions and working with a health coach can help you enjoy foods without eating stuff you hate.

From Drugs To Natural Foods


So first if you have side-effects from the meds for high Cholesterol, talk to your doctor and let them know you’re working with a health coach.

Your physician may be able to stop your medications or decrease them. Then start discovering what foods work to help you. Also, there are many natural supplements and herbs. Finding out which ones is part of your work with your coach.

I would estimate that 50% of my clients are on statins or told they need to watch their LDL levels.

Where Food Comes In For Cholesterol Levels

We all have heard that oats, or oat bran such as fiber can help but why then doesn’t it seem to be effective? It may be the quality. A food is closer to how mother-nature made it. This is key. Eating this type of food means eating better for your health.

health coach

There’s a myth that organic foods or natural are more expensive. Look at it this way for starters, preservatives, food dyes, and GMO’s create more health problems long term you financial pay for later.

What are some of these other foods?

Eat more healthy fats! Fish or omega -3 fatty acids are next. If you’re like me, I don’t care for fish or have allergies, using supplements. I use Flaxseed oil.

Nuts are helpful especially almonds. I have a health issue with the pasteurizing and radiation they use on almonds. If you are sensitive too, use walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, some pine nuts, or pistachio nuts.

Happy food is a must and no one has sensitively or allergies to these. They are rewarding relationships, walking or other low impact activity, and work in your life that excites you!

Things in Bottles Often Create Side-Effects

Again over-the-counter Cholesterol supplements often are not the quality needed to create change. What would I give you? I base it on your bio-individuality. One person medicine is another’s poison. Remember this is true for food too.

The unique aspect of my coaching is I am also a functional medicine practitioner so we can utilize this style of lab testing and natural yet prescriptive herbs and supplements to match your unique individuality.

So now that we’ve talked about how you can go natural in balancing your cholesterol let’s discuss why you would.

There is growing evidence that statins don’t work to lower LDL. The statistics are growing against their use still…Even with these side affects doctors are saying that the benefits that statins provide to patients outweighs the risk. What do you think?

Statins and Alzheimer’s disease.

Side-effects of muscle and joint pain

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Denver Acupuncture Naturally Helps You Beat A Cold

Denver Acupuncture

Winter is here and with it comes a fever and runny nose the main symptoms of the common cold. So far, about 30% of my patients have walked through the door with a stuffy nose and other symptoms asking for help. Acupuncture is one of the most effective ways naturally to beat the common cold.

Acupuncture has a quick turn-around time shortening colds or viruses to days instead of weeks. There is more though you can do. Instead of reaching for over-the-counter drugs talk to me about natural, safe remedies, you can do at home. You can create a cool little natural medicine shelf in your own home!

Naturally Beat The Common Cold

It’s easy to reach for cold medicine but when you do that it suppresses the symptoms of a cold virus. This means the illness goes deeper into your body lingering there longer keeping you sick. A better way is to help the germs move out of your body. There is no cure for the common cold but natural methods help reduce the common cold duration.

Many people have heard that vitamins can help. Vitamins like food have a warming or cooling effect in the body. They are best used as preventive and immune boosters and come packed by nature.

Vitamins that Fight The Common Coldcommon cold

Vitamin C is probably one of the best dietary supplements that you can take while you are experiencing illness. C has the ability to reduce a fever in high doses. This is because it is a cooling supplement. If you have the chills, you may want to stay with your regular dose.

Vitamin E is a great great too. It supports the upper respiratory track according to recent studies if taken in doses of 1000 iu. As with anything consult your MD before using even vitamins especially if you are on prescription meds.

Another vitamin, B-6 studied for its effectiveness at enhancing the immune system by Loma Linda University in California and Oregon State University. Both found an increase in blood levels of the vitamin B6 helps boost your ability to fight off the virus.

Acupuncture And A Natural Diet

Foods are our best defense against illness since many supplements are synthetic or highly manufactured making them difficult to metabolize and digest. To further strengthen your immunity Denver Acupuncture Health provides seasonal ‘boosters’. Eating a natural diet along with acupuncture is the least expensive and healthful way to acquire a strong immune system.

Where can you enjoy the real thing? You’ll find eating more bananas, avocados, and dark-green leafy vegetables give you B-6. Comparing foods high in C you will notice that they are citrus fruits which can be hard to get in cold months so turn to warming vegetables.

Vitamins in foodThis list includes Summer squash, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts. Recently we have added Daikon radishes to our menus! This vegetable is sweet with a slight bit at the end. Thinly sliced it’s great with dips instead of chips. My husband and I enjoy it with onion dip, vegetable dip, even avocado dip!

Foods are the simplest way to ensure you are getting a better quality vitamin. The important part of food is that you buy organic. Many patients and clients tell me they can’t afford to buy clean or organic. It’s a matter of not overbuying and using what you purchase. We also shop around.

How To Start Buying Organic

I make a list of recipes I want to cook and foods that can be used. Shopping for fresh is what people do in Europe. Americans are used to plentiful markets picking up a week’s worth of food at one time. The cleaner, fresher the food the more nutrients you have the joy of absorbing.  Clean food is the nature’s store-house for vitamins we should have in our diets.

I go over how to shop on a budget and purchase organic, clean, local foods to my health coaching clients. After 3-4 months, they’re teaching me shopping secrets!

Minerals are a must too if you want to fortify your family’s health again colds, flu, and viruses. I use to be prone to getting sick and it lingered for weeks. When I added whole grains, cooked dried beans and peas my immunity system grew strong. These foods are full of iron, selenium, copper, and zinc; all important minerals for good health.

To start naturally treating the symptoms you have, take a look at your diet. There are certain foods out there that actually could hinder your symptoms instead of making you feel better. Sugars are one that should not be eaten while sick. A proper diet all year round can actually make a difference between how many colds you experience throughout the year.



An Evidence-based Approach to Vitamins and Minerals: Health Implications and … By Jane Higdon

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Acupuncture Points To Boost Your Immunity

Acupuncture Points

I think it’s important to empower people with tools to help themselves especially when it comes to their health. Herbal medicine, homeopathy, and acupuncture easily treat the common cold. Knowing a few acupuncture points you can perform acupressure on at home can be another tool in your ‘Home Medicine Cabinet’.

Marcie a mother of two young children felt run down working full time and carrying for a family. She came down with every cold or virus her kids brought home from school and daycare.

She made a decision to change her health and enjoy life realizing she was spiraling down. One of the things we did was teach her some acupressure for home if she couldn’t visit our Denver acupuncture office.

You can use these same points along with the essential oils, herbal remedies, immune boosting foods I have shared in other articles in the knowledge bank.

Acupuncture is Part Of Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine

Typically, Chinese medicine focuses on the external causes of a cold. Things such as the weather and too much stress in your life are likely things that are causing your illness. In Marcie’s case and many others, being with family or co-workers who are sick can be all it takes if you are not at your best.

Chinese medicine is more than acupuncture it’s herbs too. We use formulas made from forsythia and honeysuckle in an easy to take tablet. Depending on your symptoms, a mix of different herbs can treat a cold or flu as well as provide other significant health benefits such as rest and relaxation.

Acupressure For Home And Family

To do acupressure, using your index finger gently massage the places described below. Direction is important. Some points or places on your body reduce fever, while others increase white blood cells or your immune system.


Some of my favorite acupuncture points to help you feel better quicker are called 4-gates. These coupled with LI11, and ST36 boost the immune system and help you detox the virus from your tissues.

4-gates is 2 places on your body. The hill or highest place between your thumb and index finger on the top of your hand is LI4. Be sure to rub this area clock-wise; it increases white blood cells. Coupled with LI4 is the web area between your big toe and the next. Rub this point or place counter-clock-wise. Be sure to do both your left extremities and right too.


LI11 is the area next to the elbow bone; if you place your hand palm-side-down on your stomach it is the side of the elbow you can see if you look down at your arm. Massage this point rather than moving in a specific direction.


The same motion is true for ST36. This acupuncture point is harder to find. It located on the outer edge of leg below the knee about 3 inches. I show patients that visit the office how to find this place on your leg. If you’re not a patient or can’t get in, search for a tender spot and that’s usually it!

Chinese Medicine

With Chinese medicine, you no longer have to reach for an over-the-counter medicine. Marcie, regained your energy and today has a strong immune system. She came in for acupuncture weekly, worked with me as a health coach client learning the best foods to support her health. She also used what I call Primary Foods – relationships, career, activity, and spiritual path to empower herself.

Having more energy, she was able to build a better relationship with her children smiling more and creating memories of active play. She realized her job wasn’t the career she wanted and put in for a position she really wanted – an got it! Most people believe in a divine intelligence of some nature. Marcie began exploring her inner strength and purpose discovering herself and feeling more joy.

You can empower yourself and regain your life just like Marcie. Try these acupuncture points or call to learn more about health coaching and wellness care with me.






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