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It’s not everyday you hear the story of a vegetarian and HCG reviews. Yes it is possible to do it! No we didn’t use HCG 5000 there is a better HCG solution.

kittensleeping-200x300When we talk about weight loss, often we also want to add contour and shape our body. Losing body fat can give you back that younger looking and feeling body. Add in acupuncture treatment and you have a great recipe for feeling vibrant, looking younger, and living longer.

So what can you eat on HCG? In phase one it’s a high protein diet with lots of vegetables and fruit. If you don’t eat meat, we use Salmon and some other raw fish. Once you enter phase 3 of HCG foods list you can expand and eat more. The one thing all clients agree on is that their eating habits change. They stop craving ‘bad’ foods, like sugar and bread to name a few.

It’s also easier to exercise once you lose the weight and feel better. You can start with walking! Don’t worry we’ll help you plan your foods and exercise if you like. HCG Reviews are here to let you know that you can do this too!

When you bring HCG reviews together with the best Denver acupuncture you’re sure to reach your goals. When deciding it’s time to eat better, exercise more and lose weight it’s important to consult with your medical doctor first. We are happy to assist you once you have the go-ahead. Most of our clients find that their body aches go away, they sleep better, and stress is less. Still not convinced view our other HCG reviews today!

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