Health Coaching

Maybe the idea of having someone guide you when it comes to wellness seems a little unusual. Today the public health system is based on disease not wellness, but that is changing and there is an emergence of something long needed “health coaching.”

Health Coach

Ask yourself, “do I avoid the full-length mirror because I do not like the way I look, do I wake tired or lose energy half through my day?”

Perhaps you might jump in and say, “I know I need to lose weight, or change my outlook on life, or reduce stress so I can sleep.” It could be a million tiny problems when added together you sense is  important to change before it is too late.

Health coaching is investing in your future. People think little of hiring a business coach, a soccer coach for the kids, or a piano teacher for our children. When it comes to personal wellness and improving our lifestyle, we put ourselves on the back burner of life.  Ask yourself, “Don’t I deserve to feel vibrant, look younger, and live longer without disease?” I believe you also want to enjoy life later and not spend your money and time on disease care, missing adventures with loved ones yet to come.

More corporations, schools, and even hospitals are hiring health coaches to help lower costs and change the illness issues of many Americans.

Finding Expert Health Coaching

Wellness CoachThere are many people calling themselves a health coach from the sales clerk at the natural grocery store to people peddling products for a particular company. Dr. Debra is different.

She has spent over 25 years working with people to assist them in having the best wellness and life they possibly can. Being healthy only works if you also have a life that supports you.

Dr. Debra is a student of the principles and training of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition©. The most esteemed and accredited health coaching school worldwide.  The methodology that both Dr. Deb and IINbelieve in supports the uniqueness of the individual rather than the belief that one-size fits all idea of wellness and a prosperous lifestyle.

Debra’s process is a unique approach to health and nutrition.

“Together we base your wellness and lifestyle enhancement program on you, the individual, not a theory.”

Primary Foods Of Life Is More Than What You Eat

She uses the model of Primary Foods based on the IIN™ model. Primary foods are relationships, activity, career, and spirituality. Secondary foods are those we place in our mouths. You’ll also explore the Circle of Life and other tools to empower you to take control of your wellness and future.


The first step is to contact our office and see if working with a health coach is right for you!

Debra offers a FREE session to find out if this is right for you. Call today!

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