Organic Matrix Peptide Serum

Matrix Peptide Serum Organic Matrix Peptide Serum 30l
Price: $24.75
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Description Of Matrix Peptide Serum

This highly concentrated serum offers daily protection from the aging process. Matrix Peptide is a structurally advanced peptide chain that helps to support elastin metabolism. In combination with Vitamin C, this peptide extends the life of the collagen producing cells and assists in stabilizing both short and long chain collagen.

Why I love Matrix Peptide Serum

There are few peptide formulas I can use that don’t create breakouts for me. This one is gently and adds support to my mature skin. Because it can be used daily I use it every night. My favorite night time cleanser is the Alpha Hydroxy. It leaves your face clean ready for a night of firming moisture with your choice of moisturizers.


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