Organic Papaya Pineapple Enzyme Mask 240 ml

Papaya Pineapple Enzyme Mask Organic Papaya Pineapple Enzyme Mask 240 ml
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Papaya Pineapple Enzyme Mask

Pineapple the most common form of bromelain and Papaya the most common form of papain come together in this enzyme mask that is easy to use and gentle on the skin. This mask can be for deep pore cleansing and will assist in softening sebum, making extractions easier. Suitable for all skin types.

Why I Use A Papaya Pineapple Enzyme Mask

As I have gotten older I noticed my pores are not as tiny as they once were. To minimize pores and keep my skin healthy I started looking into masks. Use this mask once weekly for ab out 15 minutes. The aloe base makes it’s easy to apply.

Once on I give my face a ‘steam bath’ by placing a towel over my head and steaming my face in the sink. The other way to do this is to hop in the shower and let the steam fill before washing off.

Using Matrix Peptide serum adds a great finishing touch before bed.



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